Sicilian tourism offers lots of places to see such as historical, cultural, archaeological and naturalistic sites.

Sicily, with its mild climate, is a place to visit all the year round. The island lies at the center of the Mediterranean sea and is the southern tip of Italy. In the centuries has been invaded and conquered by the Normans, Arabs, Spaniards and from the dawn of civilization was colonized by Greeks and Phoenicians. Of course, the ancient Rome has left many cultural and architectural evidence. In other words Sicily is the melting pot of all Mediterranean influences.

But not only culture.

Even the landscapes of the island offer the highest in diversity and for this reason it is considered as a small continent: plains, mountain ranges with heights well above 1000 meters, snow, sea, beaches, cliffs, small islands, woods, forests, desert areas, orchards and citrus groves, natural parks and protected areas, home to many species, many immigrants like the pink flamingo and the peregrine falcon.

On Etna is possible to see golden eagles.

World famous gastronomy, pastry, ice cream, where the effect of varied nature and history that characterizes this small continent. Geologically it is a part of the collision between the African and the European plate, then you can say that Sicily is in part Europe, while the south-east, it is definitely Africa. And Etna volcano is certainly one of the most obvious manifestations of this meeting.