Admire the extraordinary beauty of the arboreal brooms during the excursions on Etna from Catania.

The arboreal brooms of Etna, scientifically known as Spartium junceum, are one of the natural wonders that make this volcano unique in the world. These shrubs with their bright yellow flowers colonize lava flows, contributing to soil regeneration thanks to their strong roots that penetrate the hard lava rock. Their presence is crucial for the volcanic ecosystem as they prepare the ground for other plant species. During excursions on Etna from Catania, you will have the opportunity to admire these extraordinary plants which, with their adaptability, symbolize the life cycle and the resilience of nature.

Excursions on Etna from Catania: An Adventure between Nature and Lunar Landscapes

Starting from Catania, the excursions on Etna allow you to immerse yourself in a world of natural contrasts and breathtaking beauty. Our expert guides will lead you through fascinating routes where you can explore ancient and recent lava flows, extinct craters, and lunar landscapes. Every corner of the volcano tells a story of strength and rebirth, with the arboreal brooms adding a touch of color to the black lava. These shrubs are among the first plants to colonize new flows, creating a fertile environment that favors the growth of a wide range of endemic flora and fauna.

Discover Etna: Book Your Excursion and Live an Unforgettable Experience

Discovering Etna through guided excursions from Catania is an unforgettable experience that allows you to fully appreciate everything the volcano has to offer. From the spectacular blooms of the arboreal brooms to the breathtaking views, every moment spent on Etna is unique and unrepeatable. Book your excursion now to discover Etna and immerse yourself in its natural wonders. Our excursions offer you the opportunity to explore one of the most fascinating places in the world, accompanied by expert guides who will tell you fascinating stories and show you the hidden beauties of the volcano. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore Etna and its arboreal brooms in all their splendor!

Characteristics of the Etna Broom

Appearance and Growth

  • The broom is a robust and bushy shrub that can reach considerable heights.
  • It has long, flexible branches with small and sparse leaves.
  • The flowers are bright yellow and very fragrant, blooming in late spring and early summer.

Ecological Role

  • The broom is one of the first plants to colonize volcanic soils due to its ability to grow in poor and rocky soils.
  • Its roots are very strong and can penetrate lava rocks, helping to break them down and create a more fertile substrate for other plants.
  • This plant is crucial for ecological succession, as it prepares the soil for the arrival of other plant species.


  • The broom is widely spread on the slopes of Etna, especially in areas affected by relatively recent lava flows.
  • Spectacular blooms of broom can be seen in various areas of the volcano, creating a striking contrast with the black lava.