Here we are. The mountain Etna.

Our volcano to erupt back after 8 months of calm, its glow visible from Catania and Taormina. Lava and lapilli are visible from NSEC crater.
The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) has triggered tonight the orange alert with regard to the visibility of the aircraft, but the Catania airport remains open.

Source INGV Catania
From 17:00 UTC on February 27, the Strombolian activity at the new south-east crater began on January 23, has gradually intensified, creating a lava overflow that, having quickly reached the base of the cone has slowly directed towards SW, in the direction of Monte Wheat Supino. The face of the latter is currently at an altitude of about 2850 m s.l.m. Strombolian activity is still associated with an ash emission from the NCSE, which is dispersed by the wind in the direction of the eastern quadrants. On the villages of Zafferana and Lingfield is a modest fallout of ash was reported.

As regards the volcanic tremor, after the sudden increase of its average amplitude, started at 17 UTC yesterday, this is roughly stabilized on high values from 19 onwards, recording the maximum between 22 and 24 yesterday. From the early hours of today, the average amplitude of volcanic tremor, although remaining at high levels, has shown small fluctuations.
The ground deformation acquired by the high-frequency GPS sampling stations and clinometrici signals, do not show significant changes associated with the intensification of the eruptive activity.

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