Every time I reach the Mareneve road at an altitude of about 1500 meters, I start to see these trees with white, slightly frayed trunks on the curve. These are the birches of Mount Etna. I remember when I was studying plants, I found myself in Ragalna in front of a woman talking about plants. In front of me was the legendary and timeless Emilia Poli Marchese, a fantastic woman. We were chatting about the onopordum, a very beautiful and unique thistle.

Emilia asked me, “How do you know and distinguish the onopordum?” I calmly replied, “I learned about plants from the legendary Salvatore Arcidiacono.” From there, a beautiful day opened up new horizons for me.

Professor Poli gave me some of her books, one about the hackberry tree of Mount Etna. She explained the history of the birch tree on Mount Etna and finally invited me to her department. I learned that our birch is relatively young, about 10,000 years old. It differs from other European birches in trunk and size, and even the leaves are slightly different.

The beauty of all this is that on Mount Etna, we have many beautiful plant species distributed across four wonderful slopes, each of which harbors an almost dominant species.


Avventure mozzafiato sull'Etna The Birches Were to Blame..