Embark on a journey of discovery at Mount Etna with our “Etna Excursions”. We offer a wide range of “Escursioni Etna”, including the famed “Trekking 3300mt at Etna Summit Craters Excursions”. Each tour is a unique adventure, allowing you to explore breathtaking landscapes and Etna’s unique biodiversity. Book your excursion now and experience an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Sicily.

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    • Trekking along the 1928 lava flow
    • Trekking in a nature trail
    • Vision of eruptive cone
    • Visit of Hornitos
    • Visit Hundred horses chestnut
    • Visit Church of Magazzeni.
    • Visit of a volcanic cave
    • Tasting of typical Etna products included
    • The itinerary includes a visit to the reserve along the old route of the Sortino railway
    • The descent to the valley along the Anapo River
    • The visit of the beautiful views that the river and the rock have created over time
    2 hours

    Etna Quad Excursion

    • Specialized escort
    • Assistance throughout the tour
    • Visit to a lava flow cave
    • Off-road route
    • Authorized Alpine/Volcanological Guides
    • Summit crater views
    • Cable car ascent
    • Volcanic landscapes
    • Unique geological insights