Etna Sunrise Tour

Duration Excursions

Approx 5 hours


Versante Nord-Est Etna 1900 mt


Tour available every day


Excursion starting from a meeting point that will be provided the day before the tour

Experience the majestic beauty of Mount Etna at dawn. Embark on a guided excursion to the eastern side, reaching an altitude of 1900 meters. Witness the breathtaking sunrise over the volcanic landscapes

The route partly follows the one marked by the Etna Park using numbered basalt markers. After passing the barrier that marks the beginning of the path, you immediately enter the birch forest. This is the only area of Etna where these beautiful trees, so typically Nordic, manage to form extensive and practically pure forests.

Continuing along the path, you reach Monti Sartorius, the eruptive “buttonhole” that originated during the 1865 eruption. The secondary cones still appear completely bare, except for a few scattered specimens of Birch and Larch Pine, whose shape is modeled by the strong prevailing winds from the Northwest. By circling the base of the cones from the west side, it will be possible to observe the field of eruptive fractures associated with the 1865 craters, and by reaching the base of the first cone, numerous “volcanic bombs” of considerable size will be visible.

The trekking tour continues towards Piano delle Donne to admire an important testimony of the life and past of Mount Etna: the Grotta dei Ladroni or Snow Cave.

The Grotta dei Ladroni, located at 1540 meters, represents a perfect example of a lava flow tunnel (lava tube). A legend tells that in the second half of the 18th century, the cavity was used as a refuge by a band of brigands who raged in the area. Easy to reach and visit, the lava cave is located near a birch forest of Etna, in an area characterized by a prehistoric lava flow, within the municipality of Sant’Alfio (Catania). With its spacious rooms, the small staircase carved into the rock, the two different entrances, and the three wells dug by man, Grotta dei Ladroni is one of the most particular caves of Etna. To visit it, all you need is a torch and a protective helmet, which will be provided to you for free.

The naturalist guides will accompany you throughout the duration of the excursion to the Grotta dei Ladroni, illustrating its geological and morphological peculiarities and telling you the interesting anecdotes of this mysterious tunnel-shelter. The Grotta dei Ladroni is also known as the Snow Cave for its ancient use: it was used in winter to store snow that was transported downhill in the warm season and was used in the ice trade.

Finally, we will move to the southern side of Mount Etna to see the lowest front of the 1992 lava flow that reached 1 km from Zafferana Etnea. We will take a short trek and see the testimonies of the sacred procession that, according to the faithful, stopped the lava flow.


  • Trekking to Monti Sartorius
  • Exploration of lava flow cave
  • Trekking at 1900 meters
  • Visit to the 1992 lava front in Zafferana Etnea
  • Tasting of typical Etna products
  • Pickup & Drop-Off

Tour Plan

What You'll Do with Our Guide Sunrise Etna Adventure Program
  • Excursion available every day. Duration: 4 hours.
  • We will provide a meeting point for you to join us.
  • We will reach an altitude of 1900 meters on the eastern side of Mount Etna.
  • Visit to Monti Sartorius from the 1865 eruption, where we will take a short trek to enjoy a unique sunrise on Mount Etna.
  • Exploration of a spectacular lava flow cave. (Helmets and torches provided by us).
  • Visit to the lowest lava front of the 1992 eruption in Zafferana Etnea.
  • Tasting of honeys and wines produced in a certified farm.
  • Highlights: Buttonhole craters, ancient lava flows, supra-Mediterranean vegetation, volcanic cave.
Excursion Details Departure and Useful Tips

Period: April - October
Departure times: 4:30 am / 8:30 am
Duration: about 4 hours
Lunch: No
Tasting: Yes
Dinner: No
Difficulty: Easy

Possible route changes: in unfavorable weather or organizational conditions, the guide may choose to modify the excursion route, which will be communicated on the day of the tour.

What to Wear Recommended Outfit

Depending on the season: backpack, hiking shoes, comfortable layered clothing "onion-style", windbreaker or waterproof jacket, fleece, hat, sun protection, spare shirt, enough water, energy-rich and easily digestible foods.

Helmets and lamps for cave exploration will be provided by the Association at the entrance.


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