Guided Tour: Catania Underground

Guided Tour

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4 hours

Where are we going to go

Catania Historic Centre

What We'll See

The hidden secrets of Sicilian Baroque

Discover the secret charm of Catania with our exclusive Catania Underground guided tour, a unique adventure that takes you through historical epochs hidden beneath the city’s cobblestones. Ready to explore the beating heart of Catania up close in an explosive mix of history and culinary delights? Read on!

Start of the Journey: The Historic Via Dusmet
Our experience begins outside the historical center, precisely on Via Dusmet. Here, we’ll provide you with a detailed introduction to the history of Catania, a city that has had a fortified structure since the 6th century, under the defensive strategies of Charles V.

Explore Piazza Duomo
Moving towards the elegant Piazza Duomo, the heart of late Baroque Catania, you will discover symbolic monuments such as the Cathedral dedicated to Saint Agatha, the Abbey of Saint Agatha, and the Elephants’ Palace. We will delve into the reconstruction after the disastrous earthquake of 1693, also exploring the Elephant Fountain, the beloved symbol of Catania, and the Amenano Fountain, affectionately called “Acqua o’linzolu.”

The Cathedral and Its Secrets
Inside the Cathedral, we will discuss the various construction periods and visit the tomb of Vincenzo Bellini, the funerary monument of Giuseppe Benedetto Dusmet, and the exterior of Saint Agatha’s Chapel. We will also discover the three Norman apses and the altar dedicated to the saint.

A Dive into the Past: Achillean Baths
Next to the Cathedral, we will descend into the Achillean Baths, a thermal complex from the imperial era on which today the foundations of the Cathedral itself stand.

Urban Route: From Elephants’ Square to Via dei Crociferi
We will visit the entrance hall of the Elephants’ Palace, the nerve center of the municipality, and continue to Piazza Currò, where we will explore a perfectly preserved lava cave. Our walk will take us along the historic Via dei Crociferi, passing by the Roman Amphitheater and the churches that witnessed the martyrdom of Saint Agatha.

Conclusion in Piazza Università
Our tour will conclude in Piazza Università, where you will have the opportunity to hear myths and legends related to the famous four lampposts of the square.

Tour Details
Cost: €70.00 per person, including a guide authorized by the Sicilian Region, entrance tickets to the Achillean Baths and the lava cave, as well as a tasting of typical Catania products like Catania-style arancino and ricotta cannolo. During the appropriate season, we will also include granita with brioche.

Book now for an unforgettable day discovering the hidden treasures of Catania, with urban trekking paths that reveal traces and testimonies of a glorious and mysterious past. Join us and be enchanted by the millennial history of Catania!


  • Tourist guide authorized by the Sicily Region
  • Entrance ticket to the Achilleane Baths
  • Visit the lava cave in Piazza Currò
  • Tasting of typical products

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