Excursion Etna in the lava moonscape covered by snow

Excursion in the lava moonscape covered by snow that has whitened the Volcano

It is a Sunday in mid-March finally the weather is mild and we are ready to spend a day on Etna covered with snow as ever in this Sicilian winter.We meet in Milo, the air is pungent and we are all equipped with scarves, gloves and hats, and today with us there is Luna, a collie herself ready for the adventure.
From Milo starts the road Mareneve that leads us quickly to Piano Provenzana, the northeast side of Etna, we cross a stretch of road that was paved after the lava flow of 2002.The snow is deep and we walk along the road until to reach the wooden houses where we rented snowshoes and poles.

The snowshoe walking starts from the shelter Brunek which leads to the cave of raspberries; we wear the snowshoes and hold the sticks. In silence, we enjoy the journey in one of the most characteristic trails of the northern side of the volcano along a path full of tall pine trees.
The snowshoe walking rises and falls and slides along the white blanket that surround us.

During the walk on Etna with the snowshoes, the atmosphere is magical because of a light mist that makes it even more unique this Sunday.
We follow the path that, despite the heavy snow fall, is marked by the passage of the hikers, so we walk for about an hour with a constant pace that does not make us feel cold and then, we come to the sign that marks the transition to the town of Castiglione di Sicilia.
It’s time to stop and take pictures of this winter landscape and enjoy the rays of sunshine sparkling on the snow


The pictures of our excursion on Mount Etna snowshoe walking on the Volcano on Sunday, March 15, 2015



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