Rules to guarantee everyone’s safety and health

SAFETY derives from the Latin “sine cura” (without worry), just as it should be a pleasant, relaxing walk through the woods, an effective antidote to the anxieties and worries of everyday life: unique landscapes, ancient culture and tradition, natural and extraordinary environment , Etna is rich in biodiversity, a unique territory that we  Naturalistic Guides love and respect.

Walking through the woods surrounded by nature helps us to find a inner EQUILIBRIUM, to calm fears, to distinguish between essential and superfluous: like Henry David Thoreau in his book  “Walden, or life in the woods: ” When I ceased to be who I was, I found myself ” .

AWARENESS. Anyone who intends to practice physical excercise outdoor have to follow basic rules to prevent any risks, especially during the coronavirus period. Prudence is never too much! 🙂

We also SHARE the GENERAL RULES of GOOD COOPERATION aimed at respecting the environment, other users and the people who contributes to the maintenance of the foothpath network, equipment and structures present in the Etna Park and its territory.



With the “Phase 2” you can carry out physical and athletic activity in the mountains by moving with public or private means of transport to reach the meeting  place to carry out the activities as long as it is not outside your region.

Without prejudice to national and regional provisions of the directive “Measures for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19”, the following behaviors should be adopted when attending natural paths and rural environments:



(it is mandatory to use respiratory protection in closed spaces that are accessible to the public,  and in any case on all occasions when the maintenance of a safe distance cannot be guaranteed).

MEETING POINT for each excursion: the meeting point will be established according to the excursion itself.
Participants can continue both in the middle of the Guide and with their own vehicle by following the car of the Naturalistic Guide that leads the excursion. Ordinance no. 26 of 2 July 2020 of the Sicilian Region.
For those who choose to use their own vehicle, we have established a discount on our rates that you can ask the Association at the time of booking.

In consideration of the contingent situation linked to the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), the naturalist Guides operating on behalf of the Association will carry out the visit following strictly this special protocol aimed to satisfy the indications prescribed starting from the DPCM n.6 of February 2020 up to the current Prime Ministerial Decree of April 26, 2020 containing “Further implementing provisions of the decree-law of February 23, 2020, n. 6, containing urgent measures regarding the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, applicable on the whole national territory “and to the measures adopted by the government in response to the frequently asked questions formulated and published in section “Phase 2 – Frequently asked questions on the measures taken by the government” of the website

During outdoor activities, if you are not in close contact with a person for a period of several minutes, you are unlikely to be infected and therefore  the social distancing and hand washing are sufficient.

Obviously there are an infinite number of variables, for this reason, for example, it is good practice, runners or those who are tired/panting  when going uphill,  have to let pass in front those going dowhill.

Of course there are no contraindications of using gloves and  mask even outdoors but this may cause greater difficulty in breathing and sweating.