Mount Etna, new eruption 30 May 2019

mount etna eruption may 2019

From this morning, May 30, 2019, the Etna mountain has started a new eruption from the base of the South-East crater with phenomena of Strombolian activity confined exclusively to the area of the summit craters and which do not constitute a danger for residential areas and people. From the fracture emerge two poorly fed lava […]

Etna eruption august 2018: strombolian activity from the summit craters.

etna eruption august 2018

For a few days our beloved volcano has awakened after 14 months of substantial tranquility. This morning – 24 August 2018 – from the new Southeast crater, the “mouth of the saddle” the same as the eruptions of February – April 2017, our guides have photographed the Strombolian eruptive activity of the mouth. Stay connected […]

Etna eruption on Dec. 3, 2015

etna eruption 2015

Etna eruzione dal Cratere Centrale (Voragine). La Bocca Nuova si risveglia dopo 16 anni. La cenere vulcanica ha ricoperto diversi città e paesi del versante sud-est sino a Messina. Guarda le nostre immagini.