Etna Craters Tour 2750mt-2022

Etna 2750 metres

Etna summit craters tour Program

  • Due to intense volcanic activity at the south-east crater, the maximum safety altitude reached is 2750 meters, as established by local law.
  • Arrival at Sapienza Refuge at 2000mt
  • Ascent by cable car and jeep up to 2750 m a.s.l.
  • Visit of Valle Del Bove (Valley of the Ox) a huge Caldera formed as a result of the collapse of some ancient crater, accompanied by Alpine vulcanological Guides
  • Visit of a volcanic cave
  • Visit  ancient lava flow (eruption of  1991/93)
  • Tasting of some typical Etna products (wines and honey) in a certified farm

Excursion at the Etna summit craters 2750 mt with cable car and jeep

With this excursion departing from Catania and its surroundings you can visit the summit craters of the most active volcano in Europe
The summit craters of Etna represent the heart of the volcanic activity where the persistent fumarolic activity of Etna takes place.

At more or less regular intervals of time, the craters are the site of explosive events of various types and intensity such as the actual eruptive activity, the emission of lava fountains and last but not least the phreatic activity: phenomena of great impact that continuously modify the morphology of the Etna area.

From the meeting place, defined at the time of  booking the tour, you will leave with our vehicles (or with your  own car) for this thrilling excursion to the summit craters of Etna.
Going up the slopes of Mount Etna you will be able to observe different lava fronts: ancient lava flows up to the most recent ones linked to the eruptions of 1991/93.
During the trip to Etna, accompanied by expert guides, you will cross changing landscapes and discover the characteristics of these places of great geological and natural interest.
You will arrive near the Sapienza refuge.­

Ascent by cable car/ Jeep

Located at an altitude of 2000 meters, the Sapienza refuge is the starting point of the Etna cable car.
Accompanied by our guides, you will begin the ascent of Etna by cable car up to an altitude of 2500 meters first, and then  by off-road vehicle with 28 seats up to the Etna summit area at 2750mt.

Arrived at an altitude of 2750 meters, accompanied by volcanological guides, we will make a light excursion around the Bove valley. Surrounded by landscapes of unique charm, among the smell of sulfur vapors from the still active vents you will experience the thrill of admiring from a close distance the active craters of Etna..

We will see the very recent lava flows of 2021 from the south-east crater. We will live an experience that will make us think we are on another planet.
The summit craters tour includes the exploration of a lava cave. A unique opportunity to discover the secrets of the volcano and learn interesting volcanological and naturalistic knowledge (Helmets and torch will be provided free of charge).
The last step of the Etna summit craters tour is a pleasant stop in a certified farm to taste some of their  honeys and wines. Then, at the end, you will be taken back to the meeting place.

The Etna summit craters  2750mt tour is an excursion suitable for the whole family.
The perfect experience to visit the summit craters of Etna with your children

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Within 2 days of the scheduled tour date, the customer is refunded 100%. of the amount paid for the reservation, excluding any bank commission charges.

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Duration Excursions

5 / 6 hours


Etna 2750 metres

Excursion departing from Catania and surroundings


€ 49

Excursion available every day

Tour includes


Price € 45 min 7 person
Price € 49 min 3 person
Price € 65 min 2 person
Price € 130 1 person

Children up to 10yrs price € 29

Additional charge to be paid  at the Cable Car ticket office*

€ 89 per person to climb up to 2750 metres by cable car + SNOWCAT + Vulcanological Guide, (children 4-10 years price € 50 per person);

€ 78 per person to climb up to 2750 metres by cable car +jeep +Vulcanological Guide (children 4-10 years price € 50 per person);

€ 50 per person to climb up to 2500 metres by only cable car (children 4-10 years price € 30 per person);
On demand rental hiking shoes and high altitude equipment.

Dear Customer, we inform you that every Sunday in October our tours on the Etna volcano will undergo some changes both in the departure time, route and in the itinerary.
The tasting in Zafferana etnea will not be carried out due to a Gastronomic event that does not allow the regular transit within the municipality of Zafferana etnea.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

The fee includes: registration to our association, transfer A / R, guide. Payment method: Credit Card,  PayPal account.

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In case of adverse weather condition the tour could undergo changes.
The excursion will be taken at lower altitude.

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Policy cancellation booking.

Within 2 days of the scheduled tour date, the customer is refunded 100%. of the amount paid for the reservation, excluding any bank commission charges.

Read our Tour Booking Terms and Conditions here.