Etna & Alcantara Tour Experience

Alcantara gorges and Etna 2000 mt

alcantara gorges and etna tour

Tour program Etna Tour

  • We will give you a meeting point.
  • An easy-going trekking at about 2000 meters above sea level, to explore ancient and recent craters and observe the whole Ionian coastline. (Trekking suitable for any fitness levels).
  • Exploration of a typical lava cave formed during the past eruptions. (Helmets and caving lights are provided by our guides).
  • Visit of Valle Del Bove (Valley of the Ox) a huge Caldera formed as a result of the collapse of some ancient craters.
  • Visit of lava flow 1991-1993
  • Free tasting of a selection of honey and wines in a typical beekeeping family-run business.
  • Visit to the Alcantara Fluvial Park to observe the Alcantara Gorges, a unique set of meandering cliffs created about 300,000 years ago.

The Etna and Alcantara excursion: the thrilling tour of the highest volcano in Europe and a suggestive excursion to the Alcantara Gorges in a single day

With this excursion Etna and Alcantara Gorges departing from Catania and surroundings you can visit in one day,  two of the most fascinating places in eastern Sicily.
From the meeting place, defined at the time of  booking the tour, you will leave with our vehicle for Mount Etna .
Tour on Mount Etna with naturalist guide

Along the way you will be able to observe the lava flows dating back to different ages,  real evidence of the intense volcanic activity of Etna that has gone through centuries of history such as volcanic bombs, craters and various lateral craters.
With a walk between craters of old formation and those of more recent formation, you will cross the area affected by the lava flow generated by the 1991/93 eruption and you will reach the Sapienza Refuge at an altitude of 2000 meters.

The Etna tour includes a visit to the Silvestri Craters, located near the  Sapienza Refuge  where you can admire the lunar landscapes  that characterize the area of ​​the craters dating back to the 1892 eruption.
The Etna tour continues with the exploration of a spectacular lava cave. The guides will accompany you and you will be provided with the necessary equipment (helmet and torches) to be able to visit the volcanic cave in total safety.

During your visit to Etna you will come across a unique view and you can admire the immense expanse of the Valley of the Ox , an ancient volcanic caldera formed 80,000 years ago.
The last stop of the Etna tour is scheduled in the town of Zafferana Etnea. You will stop at a certified farm and you will be offered a tasting of typical products.

After visiting Etna, you will reach the area of ​​the Alcantara valley for the excursion to the splendid Alcantara gorges.

Excursion  Alcantara gorges

The guided excursion to these spectacular  gorges takes place within the  botanical and geological park Alcantara gorges which is included in the Alcantara River Park regional reserve.
The Alcantara river originates from the Mounts Nebrodi at an altitude of 1400 meters a.s.l., the Alcantara Gorges are about 45/50 minutes from Catania, situated between the Municipality of Francavilla di Sicilia and Motta Camastra.
The name derives from the Arabic term “al quantara” which means “bridge”.

The guided trekking crosses the River Park, a place of great naturalistic interest.
During this pleasant walk among the lush  vegetation, you will enjoy a visit from the top of the Alcantara river and from the various viewpoints located along the paths you can see views of extraordinary beauty.

A unique spectacle will reveal itself in front of your eyes: dizzying rocky gorges up to 25 meters high divided in two by the icy Alcantara river, the Alcantara gorges represent an authentic masterpiece of nature

With the excursion to the Alcantara Gorges you can admire the amazing beauty of these deep gorges of volcanic origin.
Their cliffs overlooking the river sprinkled with basaltic prisms, the bizarre symmetrical rock formations, which were formed as a result of the cooling of the incandescent lava in contact with the icy water and their majestic columnar basalts of millenary origin make up an enchanting natural canyon of extraordinary impact.

The Etna and Alcantara excursion is the ideal experience to visit the wonders of the Volcano and the Alcantara gorges in a single day. The ease of the trekking routes make it an excursion suitable for the whole family.
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Duration Excursions

8 hours


Alcantara gorges and Etna 2000 mt

Excursion departing fromCatania and surroundings


€ 89

Excursion available every day

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Price € 89 per person, min. 2 persons

Children up to 12 years € 45

Park entrance tickets not included. Read box Tour information to find out more.

Dear Customer, we inform you that every Sunday in October our tours on the Etna volcano will undergo some changes both in the departure time, route and in the itinerary.
The tasting in Zafferana etnea will not be carried out due to a Gastronomic event that does not allow the regular transit within the municipality of Zafferana etnea.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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The excursion will be taken at lower altitude.

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Policy cancellation booking.

Within 2 days of the scheduled tour date, the customer is refunded 100%. of the amount paid for the reservation, excluding any bank commission charges.

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