This morning, after several attempts, I finally managed to go for a walk. I ventured into a magical place, one might say unknown to most! A place where you can breathe fresh air, and there is a silence that is almost eerie. Here, nature has reclaimed the territory.

I took some photos quite spontaneously, and, as happens almost every year, my eye was drawn to two particular plants. These remind me of the years spent with my mentor learning about plants.

These are two simple plants. The first is the yellow asphodel, rarely seen around. It blooms only during this period and is found only at certain altitudes. It is beautiful, with a unique shape and petals of extraordinary softness.

The other plant is woad, bushier and very lush. This plant reminds me of a story told by my mentor, who used to say: “Aristide, parts of this plant were once used to dye clothes.”

So many memories resurface whenever I encounter a plant in front of me. To me, it’s not just a plant but a reminder of years spent with people who shaped me and shared their wisdom with me.

I wish you all a good day.